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Deep Root Fertilization

Deep Root Fertilization

In a wooded and wild environment the soil is continuously enriched by decomposing leaves and other organic matter.  This process returns nutrients to the soil which helps wild trees thrive.  Unfortunately trees growing in our yards do not benefit from the same process.  They are always in competition with surrounding plants and we frequently remove leaves, grass and organic matter before it can decompose.  Also many urban trees have restricted rooting areas due to driveways, foundations, pools and even compacted soil. 

Applying a slow release fertilizer is a great way to return natural nutrients into the soil.  Tree fertilization helps to improve the vitality of your tree, improving resistance to disease, insects and stressful weather.  As an added bonus you can expect a lusher canopy and more intense blooms.  The best and most effective times to fertilize your trees are spring and fall.

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